Features and Benefits

Polycarbonate UV stabilized panels with outstanding weathering resistance enabling lifetime extension in outdoor glazing applications. The measured benefits are:
  • Panel with overall superior mechanical and aesthetic performance retention
  • Very low colour change during service life
  • Minimal surface roughness development (refer to chart)*
  • Excellent yellowing resistance after prolonged sun exposure (refer to chart)*

Performance guaranteed over time

UV- Tech stabilization provides better resistance to atmospheric contaminants than standard polycarbonate panels. It maintains excellent mechanical and aesthetic properties, even after prolonged exposure to solar radiation. Minimal surface degradation results in a low surface roughness that guarantees:
  • High level of polycarbonate panel clarity and transparency
  • Resistance to dust buildup on panel surface
  • Durable self-cleaning under natural ra
Overall UV stabilization treatment allows for a longer lifetime of up to +50% enabling less maintenance costs, better resources utilization and replacement of traditional building materials such as high value glass.


For extended lifetime applications, polymeric substrates have to be protected against the natural solar degradation process. PoliCarb®, PoliComp® and arcoPlus® panels with UV-TECH stabilization treatment are characterized by an extended warranty of up to 15 years, thanks to a protective coextruded outer layer,
using a selection of high performance UV-absorbers which are highly stable and effective over time